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OK, so that was a long break. What can I say? I’m easliy distracted. I did get some work done on my models though, but I need to take pictures. Also, I spent some time playing video games and reading. Nothing exciting, just some older books. The majority of my time is spent doing stuff with my family though, so I am not complaining one bit about not working on models. And while I might not be building models, my daughters are. You can now check out Alyssa’s new F-4 Phantom and Katie’s F-16 Fighting Falcon that they recently built. I keep trying to make modelers out of them, and one day I might. In the mean time I just enjoy spending time with them.

But don’t worry, I’m working still. I’ll get some work done soon and post some pictures. The Global Hawk is almost done, and the C-141 is coming along. I’m also fairly close to being done with my latest robot. Sooner or later I’ll get some real progress done, but don’t count on it. Christmas is right around the corner, and there are some games that I want. And a new toy might also distract me, as long as Santa thinks I’ve been good. Bola Tangkas

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